Sunday, September 10, 2006

Amendments to Student Constitution

There are currently six proposed amendments to be voted on by the steering committee. While the vote will be made by the steering committee, we are soliciting feedback, comments, and suggestions from all ITSA constituents.

The proposed amendments are:

1. Amending Article III, Section 2: The Vice President office is jointly considered a President-Elect office. Therefore, the elected Vice President becomes the President in his/her second year of officer service (after the year of service as Vice President is completed). Thus, the candidate for the office of Vice President must be prepared to serve two successive one year terms.

2. Amending Article IV, Section 1: The Program and Social Events standing Committee will be split into two standing committees called the Professional Relations Committee and Social Committee. The duties of the Professional Relations Committee are leading fundraising efforts, reaching out to alumni, handling employment and Graduate Assistantship announcements, and managing networking activities. The duties of the Social Committee are assisting in department social events, and managing weekly and monthly ITSA social events.

3. Amending Article IV, Section 1: Two new standing committees are to be created called the Academics Committee and the Technology Committee. The duties of the Academics Committee are promoting publishing, facilitating scholarship in the field, and promoting professional conferences. The duties of the Technology Committee are to create and manage technologies requested by the steering committee.

4. Amending Article III, Section 1, A: Along with the four elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and appointed Committee Chairs, there will be five elected Representatives: (1) International Representative, (2) M.Ed. Representative, (3) M.A. Representative, (4) Ph.D. Representative, and (5) Alumnae/i Representative. The elected Representatives act as a voice to ITSA for a particular student group, therefore, he/she must be a current member of the respective group being represented. Only current members of a group can vote for their Representative. The Representative is also the point of contact for the represented group. The four executive officers, appointed Committee Chairs, and the five Representatives make up the Steering Committee.

5. Amending Article III, Section 3: Elections are to be moved from the Fall to the Spring at a time chosen by the Steering Committee.

6. Amending Article III, Section 2: An added duty is that the President is required to attend faculty meetings and the Vice President is required to be a member of the Graduate Senate. Both positions can be reassigned, as needed, to other executive committee members.


At 3:38 PM, September 10, 2006, Blogger Abbass Sharif said...

It is a good idea to have the VP as a PE. But, what if the VP, and for any reason, decided to quit? We should add that if such a situation happen, then elections should be held.


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