Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ITSA Awarded $1,000

Utah State University's Council of Student Clubs and Organizations has awarded ITSA $1,000 to help with a service project in Nepal. For more information on the grant go to Click on "Archives," go to the February 14 issue, and click "ASUSU: Are you the one who will get this $1,000?" in the opinion section.

The money will go to Tiffany Ivins and Mitchell Spence to help with their ongoing service work in Nepal. Tiffany and Mitch have been traveling to Nepal for the past eight years and recently have been setting up Youth Managed Resource Centers(YMRC). These YMRCs are computer labs run by youth that teach the local community computer literacy. You can find out more about the YMRCs at or contact Tiffany at tiffany no space ivins at gmail dot com. Stay tuned for more about how you can help.

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