Monday, January 15, 2007

Professor Presentations for Spring of 2007

We are still working on the Professor Presentation schedule for this semester, but I can confirm that Dr. Marcy Driscoll will be presenting at 12:15pm on Feb. 21st. She has asked that we send her our own questions related to the "Politics of Education", as well as any questions that we might have about her text, "Psychology of Learning for Instruction". Please post your questions as a comment to this post.

And please stay tuned as we will be posting updates on the Professor Presentation schedule.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Informal Evenings for Spring of 2007

I'm very excited to annouce that everything is scheduled for our Informal Evenings this semester. Drs. Byron Burnham and Nick Eastmond are welcoming us into their families' abodes to have informal discussions about many aspects of graduate life and beyond. The schedule is below and listed on the ITSA Calendar.

Each Informal Evening will begin at 7:00pm. We ask that two or three people sign up, via a comment to this blog post, to bring hor deurves or snacks for each Informal Evening.

Informal Evenings Schedule

DateHostStarting Topic
Jan 18thByronPreparing for comps
Feb 1stByronPreparing for careers
Feb 15thNickDynamic life balance, juggling, and stress relieving exercises
Mar 1stNickPublications
Mar 29thByronSetting up committees/getting assistantships, fellowships, internships and other sources of funding.
Apr 5thNickProfessional organizations and conferences